Sunday, October 5, 2008

Memories of Corregidor

This was our family's trip to Corregidor.

We rode a ferry from Manila Bay, had a tour of the island, which included the walk through the tunnel with brass re-enactments of what happened there. It was a cool interactive presentation which gives you a pretty clear grasp of how it things happened.

Those who dared took on the darkest of the caves. It was creepy, they said the caves were hunted.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's not fond of long hikes. There were pretty small tunnels to crawl into as well. Adventure seekers, go, go, go!

Bring your cameras if you want to take pictures of the war ghosts.

If you'd dare even more, they also have a night tour.

Going around in the tram would show you the heavy artillery and the old ruins.

The island had a beautiful beach as well. Staying there overnight gave us more time to take a dip. Oh, and must I say, the food served was good!


++ Photos from my cousin's Multiply.

Memoirs of CLM

Memories. Judging by how my sister looks (in green)... This photo has been taken at least 6 years ago.

We were on our way home from the Aglipayan Central Theological Seminary in Urdaneta, Pangasinan. That's me at the end of the jeepney with my co-dancers in the Committee of Liturgy and Music

We went there to both practice and teach our dances in preparation for the Philippine Independent Church's Centennial Celebration.

It was a great experience. Going out of town with my peers, staying in a seminary, teaching kids the dances - considering they're used to speaking a different dialect!

The seminary. Humbling. (At least for someone who was used to getting her way). We stayed in Fr. Nixon's place there and we had to be up when the church bell rings or else we'll be too late for breakfast and breakfast does not wait. It was either that or the day starts with a grumbling tummy.

It was all tiring but definitely worth it. The turnout was amazing!

The dances at the Quirino Grandstand were amazing! Who knew I'd ever have anything to do with the great stage's backstage?

This is Fr. Larry with my dancer-bessy, Ryan (in the very daring costume).
I'm there somewhere... Singing the Lupang Hinirang. If you have microscopic eyes, I'm in green.
The Apo Dios. The music of this dance still hums in my head.

The Centennial was a three-day celebration. We stayed at the IFI Cathedral in United Nation's Ave., Manila.


++ Photos from the IFI website and my cousin's Multiply.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'll See You Another Day

I thought another travel opportunity just presented itself to me a few days ago. The moment the invite presented itself, my heart started beating faster as if it was screaming, 'I want to go, I want to go!'.

I did! Of course I did. I was already calculating expenses inside my head within three minutes of hearing the news. So... I had to ask the details, which got a prompt reply of, I'll let you know. And boy, was I excited.

The last time I went with my friends traipsing around the northern part of my country was a blast. I was definitely looking forward to the next one.

Why was all the excitement written in the past tense then? Because someone just had to put a damper on it. Asking for the details also included the people who were going, right? There was him, him, her, him, her, her, her and WHAT?!?! Oh, please not HIM!

It was the ex boyfriend. Why in the world do we have common friends? Aaargh. And why did I have to be so proud as to say, 'He needs you guys more'.

Goodbye, Camarines Sur. I can't even say goodbye to something I haven't said hello to!

I'll see your grandiose and eat your spicy food someday, CamSur.

Warning: Bitterness ahead.

To the person who invited me and knew 'he' was going. Thanks for the insensitivity, and to add your words, 'at least we invited you'. Yeah, right... Thanks for shoving it to my face.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seventh Heaven

It was in the seventh year of my existence that I started traveling.

It was then that I went with my biological father to Baguio City, where I experienced ramp modeling and staying at a very haunted mansion.

It was also the same age I went to Davao City with my grandmother and my aunt to visit our relatives. Riding an airplane for the first time. Having a granduncle clap every time I took a bite of leche flan. Playing and fighting with my cousins. Seeing an eternity of rice grains on the ground. Watching Hawaiian dancers in a bowling alley. Getting confused in their attic's architecture. A scary, impromptu dentist visit.

It has been almost two decades ago, but the memory stays. The love for moving around stays.

The First Step

How does a travel blog begin? I have no idea.

Should I say I love traveling? I do.
Must I mention I have been everywhere? I haven't.
Am I supposed to make a list of places I've set foot on? That's quite impossible, but I'll try.

Why not start this off with scraps of travel blogs I was able to salvage from old blogs? Good idea.
What about retaining the original dates and times as well? Why not?

Friday, June 20, 2008

A road trip to Subic with my then soon-to-be-ex-bf marked the beginning of this adventure. The beginning of the realization that a chapter in my not-so-glamorous life is about to end.
Subic : May 10-11
With then soon-to-be-ex-bf and his family.
The birthday of his niece, the girl who played a vital role in keeping us together the past five years.
Mother's day, and missing the mother who passed, and loved my then soon-to-be-ex-bf so much.
The days before our supposedly fifth anniversary.
The days before the day we've planned to break up.
It was in Subic that I realized that neither of us were backing out on the proposed break up. Of course, I kept on hoping otherwise.

Close to a month after, an out of the blue invite from friends (a couple and another who's also nursing a broken heart) to go to Ilocos opened up another adventure.
Urdaneta, Sta. Maria, Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud : June 7-11
A plan that wasn't.
A tiny bag for what I thought was for two nights.
The first trip I took without my family or a boyfriend.
A trip that cleared a lot of thoughts.
A trip that proved a lot.
It was in Urdaneta that I learned to trust life. It was in Sta. Maria that I learned to relax. It was in Vigan that I learned to love life. It was in Laoag that I learned about myself and some particularly special people. It was in Pagudpud that I learned how beautiful friends are.

Friday the thirteenth at Metrowalk was a great night out with friends, which led to the dawn of this adventure.
Cavite : June 14-15
A sequel to the Iloco's Roadies.
An opportunity to know my friends more.
A lot of meaningful conversations.
A lot of realizations.
A lot of hopeful views for tomorrow.
I went home exhausted with a smile on my face.

A thought insistingly ran through my head. I just had to know. Soon. I had to see him. I had to be with him. I had to know. What I had to know, I didn't even know. I just knew I had to be with him. ASAP.
Nueva Ecija : June 17-18
I dared myself to travel alone.
I followed my heart.
I experienced him.
I was with him, and at that moment, it was everything that mattered.
It was in Nueva Ecija that I let my heart soar without thought. Freedom. Happiness. Probably... Love.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


One hour to go, and I’m on my way to… Sigh… My little piece of heaven…

We’re rockin’ Rockwell!!!

I can’t wait to see my Garu’s smile…